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Intp intp dating

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I personally would feel unsatisfied with an S type who can't truly understand/relate to my N ideas - or I'd feel unsatisfied trying to share my ideas (T) to someone who is not very interested in such topics. Besides, the Ne-Fe combination of the INTP's other functions makes for a fairly extraverted, lively, and fun life - which would keep the marriage from becoming too dull/impersonal.

(or so I think) (Are there any words of wisdom from an INTP-INTP marriage out there?

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i couldn't help but think how strange it must be to "not feel like" trying new food. even "it looks gross" or "it smells disgusting" is fine, but just not feeling like it?

My only seemingly universal problem with them is that they seem to want to take care of you like a little child when you get emotional, because "that's how emotions should be treated." I think an ESFJ in the right environment (that is, you know, brought up to actually listen to people and respect them) would be quite a powerful force, though.

That said, you'll probably find an ENFP/ENFJ with a lot of the same attractive attributes who you can actually communicate with much more on your level.

and, even though she's 3 years younger then me (she's 20) she's gone through over twice as many cars as i have.

granted, she makes more money then i do, but her reason for getting a new one is, you guessed it, she "felt" like it.