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He paraded himself as the worst nightmare of the corrupt big money lobby. Since vanquishing Hillary Clinton in November’s election Trump has, in fact, been the financial lobby’s wet dream.He has packed his administration and senior advisory team with former Wall Street financiers, many of them from Goldman Sachs. Trump’s Wall Street picks have talked about deregulating derivative trading, allowing investment banks to make big bets with their own money again, allowing investments in hedge funds, reducing capital and liquidity requirements and dismantling the ability of regulators to supervise the sprawling shadow banking system. “If the Trump administration does just half of what it says it’s going to do in economic policy and financial regulation, another financial crash is almost certain and sooner rather than later,” is the informed verdict of Dennis Kelleher, the head of the Better Markets think tank.Dodd-Frank was the banking and financial reform legislation passed by Congress in the wake of the 2008 fiasco. The gravest failure was that it did not split up the giant too-big-to-fail banks of Wall Street – the likes of JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs – something that was necessary to abolish their neon-illuminated conflicts of interest and to prevent them from being able to shake down the US government again if their market funding dried up. And it did tighten up on consumer protection, putting a stop to some of the more obvious opportunities for bankers to enrich themselves by misselling financial products to the unwitting American public. During his campaign he promised to “dismantle” the legislation, without ever giving a coherent reason why.Trump posed as the champion of “the forgotten men and women of America” on the campaign stump and did not take much money from Wall Street, certainly relative to previous Republican candidates.Our skilled intellectual property (IP) lawyers, highly trained engineers and scientists work together to support our clients in everything IP — from patent laws, trademark laws and copyright law needs to dispute resolution and litigation.

In this way, small business may be considered the appetizer to the large company entrée.The findings of the study are based primarily on responses to a non-random survey of small tech companies and startups, as well as interviews with some key stakeholders.Of the 223 survey respondents, almost one-third (79) indicated that they had received a patent demand letter.In contrast, practicing entities (non-PAEs) only initiated patent litigation about 16 percent of the time against defendants making under million a year.Considering the expense of patent litigation, targeting companies with such small revenues would not ordinarily appear to be a wise strategy.While patent litigation is expected to affect a business, the study’s finding that PAE’s use of demand letters against small companies can have a significant operational impact on those companies is troubling.