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Entity inheritance works in a similar way to class inheritance; and is useful for the same reasons.

If you have a number of entities that are similar, you can factor the common properties into a superentity, also known as a parent entity.

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Core Data uses a schema called a managed object model — an instance of .In many cases, you also implement a custom class to correspond to the entity from which classes representing the subentities also inherit.Rather than implementing business logic common to all the entities several times over, you implement them in one place and they are inherited by the subclasses.These entities will be used in your application as the basis for the creation of managed objects ( Specify that an entity is abstract if you will not create any instances of that entity.You typically make an entity abstract if you have a number of entities that all represent specializations of (inherit from) a common entity that should not itself be instantiated.For example, in the Employee entity you could define Person as an abstract entity and specify that only concrete subentities (Employee and Customer) can be instantiated.