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Then in 2003, soon after she took her degree, the countdown began to yet another war."We knew this was going to be the end. You could see it in people's faces," says Zena, who has grown into a raven-haired beauty.On the receiving end of shock and awe, Zena lived through 20 days of constant terror.Keep up with this story and more What is striking about the Iraq War is not that couples have met and fallen for each other and succeeded like Jimmy and Lena in getting married. State Department records show that after more than four years of occupation, only about 2,400 visas have been granted to Iraqi spouses and fianc? Many of the Iraqis interviewed for this story asked that only part of their names or their nicknames be used to identify them, fearing that their families still in Iraq or living as refugees might be targeted.Those couples living in Baghdad are even more afraid.Zena Majeed was 6 years old when her first war began.She remembers the thrum of helicopters flying overhead as Saddam Hussein announced in September 1980 that Iraq was in a fight to the finish with Iran.And then we started hearing the good news: 'The Americans are friendly.They are going to help Iraq.' So, people started going out more often.

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In 2003 and early 2004, when many of these love stories began, Iraqis and Americans could relate as people do anywhere, looking each other in the eye, shaking hands, sometimes holding hands.The insistent demands of "force protection" and the insidious efficiency of the insurgents' bombs and booby traps have isolated the American soldier from the population he or she was once tasked to liberate.We may not lament the lack of bars, dance halls and whorehouses for today's troops.A reasonable estimate of the total number approaches 1 million from 50 different countries. War brides from Japan, the Philippines, China and Korea, for instance, increased the population from those countries in the United States by 20 percent in just 17 years from 1947 to 1964.By the 1970s, thousands more spouses had been brought to American shores from Vietnam and, sadly, like Miss Saigon, many other partners were left behind. (Neither the State Department nor the Pentagon breaks down the figures in detail.) Among the rest—several hundred—the few love stories between American soldiers and Iraqi civilians that have happy endings are ones of enormous patience as well as the enormous passion needed to bridge chasms of language and history, politics, religion, insurgency and, yes, terror.He warned away neighbors challenging the Ghadeers' claim to a house that Saddam had confiscated. But such age gaps are common among Iraqi couples, and he was tall and fair—Lena still talks about his blue eyes—and he was kind.