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Is carol vorderman dating eddie izzard

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OK it is Jerry Springer, perhaps we can accept that if we must, the clip after all is of a trans woman who has agreed to be on stage doing this. Greg (co-presenter) then somehow clumsily tries to justify this with - "she is pretty fit!

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In this instance, He also has Robbie Williams on the show, in his intro Graham remarks that "Not everyboody can look good as a woman...

"---The Wright Stuff01/11Channel 5Topic of Transgender Teen Ria wanting to be male again.

Difficult subject well handled, good callers mainly transgender.

Male pronouns used for Ria but that was in part due to the assumption Hir wanted to be a male?

---The Late Great Eric Sykes03/11BBC Two Eddie Izzard is among those paying tribute to a comic genius, a man who blasted his way through six decades of comedy with his unique brand of surreal, classless humour.---The Graham Norton Show02/11BBC ONEPaul O'Grady (AKA Lily Savage) is a guest.