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The victims, vulnerable teenagers from deprived, dysfunctional backgrounds, were targeted in "honeypot locations" where young people congregated, such as takeaway food shops.

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From the moment he touched a rugby ball, to the moment he had New Zealanders and South Africans alike in awe of his performance at Newlands, those who have come into contact with him during his short career thus far have always agreed on one thing - the kid is something special.

“But the downside is, they go to college and into the workplace without as much experience of independence.” This is clearly evident in the real world, according to one specialist in adolescent mental health.

“I think if you ask any college professor, they’ll tell you students these days are woefully unprepared in basic life skills,” said Yamalis Diaz.

Together, they involved more than 8 million US children in the 13-19 age group.

Over those years, the study found, teenagers gradually became less likely to try “adult” activities - including drinking, having sex, working, driving, dating and simply going out (with or without their parents).

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Today’s students may be sharp academically, Diaz says, but they often have trouble with basics such as planning, time management and problem-solving.By the 2010s, only 55% of high school seniors had ever worked for pay - versus roughly three-quarters of their counterparts in the late 1970s to the 1990s. That compared with 81% to 87% of high school seniors in the 1970s through 1990s.In some findings that will make parents happy, today’s children are often putting off drinking.New York - Parents may still marvel at how fast their children grow up, but a new study finds that US teenagers are maturing more slowly than past generations.In some ways, the trend appears positive: high school children today are less likely to be drinking or having sex compared with their counterparts in the 1980s and 1990s.As for sex, 54% of high school pupils in 1991 said they’d ever had sex. The patterns were seen among children of all races and family income levels. The researchers found no evidence that children are now busier with homework and extracurricular activities - and therefore have little time for jobs, dating or going out.