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Mostly a waste of time with lots of contact with NO substance. 9 years ago (2007) my husband and I met on the Spice of life and after a world win romance period of 9 months we decided to live together.

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Maybe I missed something in the middle, but I think I got most of the point -- I know I, for one, won't shoot unless it's really a last resort, like if I forget my Snoopy notepad. But in case I don't make it, I just wanted to formally thank everyone who chipped in and spoke truth to puppets while I was away. S.: If your children attend Uziel elementary school, and you can't keep them home sick on Fridays, don't worry.I'll stare down the cars, my hand raised fearlessly in the air to keep our kids safe (my own included). Calling it Holocaust denial makes it sound almost benign to me.

Don't bookmark my blog yet, but hopefully I'll write again in less than two years. Haveil Havalim #88 is up, and so is my new blog -- or at least enough of my blog so that I can start posting again. I'd also like to remind you (yet again; yes, I'm being a noodge) to update any Abba Gav links in your browser or your own site's blogroll.

So please, click on over and help get the new version of Abba Gav ( off the ground. Thanks a bunch, especially to those of you who already made the change -- you're really quick!

This post more or less wraps up blogging here at the "old Abba Gav." I'll probably have one more Goodbye Post explaining the move and pointing the way for future generations, but from here on out, regular blogging will commence at the new site. You may have noticed that my blog was down for the last three or four days. Although the problem arose at a slightly inconvenient time (with Yom Kippur approaching, and Haveil Havalim #88 scheduled to be here at Abba Gav this week), I took it as a sign that I've put off moving to a "real" blog platform for too long. I'm opening up a new blog site, still the same old Abba Gav though. You'll be able to get there using an easier address (The new url, doesn't work yet as of this writing, but it should start working in the next day or so as the new settings kick in).

Also, we heard more about the insurance -- apparently those vests really are that important.

I'm also pretty sure -- although I must confess I believe a few of us were beginning to doze by this point -- that they reminded us that shooting people is a LAST RESORT. I hope I remembered enough of them, because my next morning on duty is this Friday, and I'm really hoping I'll still be around into next week to find out how the puppet show ends.