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It is unclear why it took Kenyan Police 48 hours to formally identify the body at the City Mortuary.
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If he's been getting most of these things for free there is no real reason for him to respect your leadership or your ownership of these things. When you return he has to wait for the word that means "get out of the car" even if the door is wide open. He's already learned that he can make all of these decisions on his own.Again, a timid dog is going to be stressed by this situation, a pushy dog is going to be difficult to handle. To implement the NILIF program you simply have to have your dog earn his use of your resources. No problem, he simply has to sit before his bowl is put down. He has a strong history of being in control of when he gets these resources.If you give him attention during that time you will have to work that much harder to get him turned around again.Telling him "no" or pushing him away is not the kind of attention he's after, but it's still attention.

Most owners use this program in conjunction with other behavior modification techniques such as coping with fear or treatment for aggression. This has worked for him before, so don't be surprised if he tries harder to get your attention.Undesirable behavior can be caused by many things, including undetected illness.No behavior modification program should begin without first taking the dog to a veterinarian for a complete physical examination.It is equally successful with dogs that fall anywhere between those two extremes.The program is not difficult to put into effect and it's not time consuming if the dog already knows a few basic obedience commands.They may or may not actually be alpha material, but having no one in the pack that is clearly the leader is a bigger problem than having the dog assume that role full time. Tension is created by a constant fluctuation of pack leadership.