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Kobe bryant dating history

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Maybe for Goldin Auctions it was, but Joe and Pam Bryant could have gotten a house in Vegas if that’s what they really wanted.It seems more like they were trying to get Kobe’s attention.So, it was easy for anyone familiar with their relationship to see something like this memorabilia debacle coming. Why can’t these proud parents and their superstar son get on the same page? Had he listened to his father and not married Vanessa or at least gotten a prenup, he wouldn’t have spent million on a ring after he was accused of rape in Colorado by Kathleen Katelyn Faber or faced the threat of losing million plus all three of their homes plus alimony plus child support when she threatened to divorce him in 2012.Had the parents and son been on better terms, they wouldn’t have been paying out legal fees to litigate this auction house fiasco, not to mention having to relinquish a half million dollars worth of items for Goldin Auctions to sell.After the settlement, Kobe’s lawyer released a statement that included an apology from Pamela and Joe Bryant.“We regret our actions and statements related to the Kobe Bryant auction memorabilia,” it read.The number is as synonymous with Kobe Bryant's career as 8 or 24. I think that game is a testament to what happens when you put no ceiling to what you're capable of doing."It's with that ambitious mindset that Bryant put on one of the most impressive individual displays in NBA history.

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Kobe seemingly had a nice childhood growing up in Philadelphia where his father, a native of the city, had played for the 76ers before continuing his pro basketball career in Italy.

You pull up the driveway, and Kobe's standing right there, in the driveway.

Vanessa, after reports their marriage was still on the rocks, subsequently filed for divorce last December; but rumours began to swirl the pair had reconciled months after, with Kobe and Vanessa still showing affection in public as late as this past Valentine's Day, and also attending sporting events together with their girls.

Her mother was deep in debt and had filed for bankruptcy shortly before their wedding.

Other rumors were that since Vanessa was 17 and Kobe was 21, her parents threatened to file statutory rape charges against him unless he married her.