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Details of the affair appeared Monday in Marvell's annual report for 2006, which had been delayed as a result of the backdating review.

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I watched as the glob of jizz on her cheek formed into a couple of big, slick drops and fell onto her exposed right boob."I loved dat, want more," she crooned, finally releasing me, and adding, "lots more." Her cell phone, still in the pocket of her denim skirt, rang.I think I'll always remember her as she was, right then.Sweat covered; bare boobs bouncing, with distended nipples pocking out at me, a glob of my jizz on her cheek and two more globs on her right boob.Boh took one look at the pole, anchored solidly top and bottom, and grabbed the polished brass. One button of her blouse came loose, and another followed. The beat went on, as she strained to get the snap of her skirt undone, but it was stuck. She lowered herself to the floor and, spreading her legs, humped her hips at me, then gripped the pole with one leg and twirled around, the brass tube sticking out from between her legs like an 10' long metallic cock. I finally had to say, "Oh, shit," stand up and pull off my trousers."Wheee," she squealed, as she spun around the room, holding on with both hands, head thrown back. I answered the unasked question, saying, "Uh, a left-over from a girlfriend ... Quickly flipping through my collection of DVDs, I found the old practice recording that Pat (the exotic-dancer girlfriend with the stripper pole) used to practice. Then my totally amateur, unsophisticated, crazy little Korean girl started a sexy dance, making things up as she went. The shirt went with them, as, crazy with lust, I pointed my hard, rigid cock at my naked Asian girl.A couple of average-but-comfortable wing-backed chairs and a sofa, plus the usual end tables, completed the furniture inventory. Her white cotton blouse went sailing over her head, to land draped over one of the wing chairs. " I reached under her skirt and tugged her white cotton panties off and they stayed on the floor in front of me.Except for the polished brass stripper-pole in the left center of the living room, with a view of the patio out the glass doors. Boh pulled away, now topless and in just her denim skirt, dancing artlessly and gracefully, swinging around the pole, and then putting it between her boobs. I had an untrained, amateur, virgin pole dancer, swinging nude in my private living room, gasping from the effort and with a sheen of sweat on her golden skin. Opening my pants, I strained to get my rigid manhood out of the confining clothes.

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A minute or so later, eye-lids fluttered, and then opened.Poked and slithered under her shoulder, as she opened her arms and clasped me hard. "I want you," she gasped, sweat gleaming from her skin with the effort of dancing, and dripping off her distended nipple. "I want you, and I want 'that,' and I want everything else you got that a real woman needs." I started to lift her up to penetrate her, but she cried, "Virgin, dammit! She grabbed my cock with a death grip, and started to stroke it with her sweat-slick palm. Then, no shit, she reached down between her legs, put two fingers in her twat, and pulled out a finger-full of girl-goo, and used that to keep my cock wet and slick. I never saw what happened to the rest of the spasms, because, with the speed of a diving hawk, she bend down and took my jism-spewing member in her mouth and started to suck.Suck like it was mother's milk and she was a starving infant. Sucking and licking and bobbing her head, as she vacuumed the semen out of me.Holding her with one hand and arm, I made the finger-to-lips shushing gesture, and asked, "Pretty girl, when was the last time you ate something?" She gave me a little smile, not struggling against my grip and whispered, saying, "Yesterday, I tink ...- - - - - There are a lot of times I think that the most serious decisions-the ones that change whole lives-happen for the most trivial of reasons.