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I understand her doubts with Linus’ sexuality since they never shared anything past a passionate kiss. Linus was a sweet, loving, kind and trusting boyfriend. Tregay was not afraid to show her character’s negative traits. Two of my favorite lines from the novel: A perfect line for anyone whose looking for love.
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Women earn less because decision-makers don’t place the same value on women and the jobs they hold as they do on men. There would not be such a need for concern if the pay gap was 95% or the day was observed in January.In fact, the pay gap between those just starting out in the workforce is 93 percent for workers under 25, which means that women start out at a disadvantage in what for many is their very first jobs.

The day has always been celebrated in April in recent memory, as the pay gap between women and men has not considerably narrowed in decades.

They constantly trot out the same tired examples: the Mc Donald’s coffee case, and in the workplace realm, overtime cases and disability cases.

But what about the cases where the judges seem to be going to the greatest of lengths to rule against workers with the most outrageous cases, often where the employer has admitted to the discriminatory policy or practice in question?

The basis for the ruling is that Jesperson “failed to present [sufficient] evidence…that the policy imposes an unequal burden on women.” There is a silver lining to the ruling: the court did rule that appearance standards that were unequal for women and men might constitute sex stereotyping, but said that Jesperson didn’t adequately prove her case. Jesperson, who still doesn’t have a job similar to the one she held for 20 years.

As Jennifer Pizer of Lambda Legal, one of Jesperson’s attorneys, commented, “I’m heartbroken for Darlene and elated for working men and women across the U. Before this case, we didn’t know whether the sex stereotyping doctrine applied to dress codes.” (See Recorder article.) At the heart of the matter, the majority of the court believed that Jesperson did not introduce enough proof that wearing face powder, blush and mascara and lip color on a daily basis, as required of female employees by the Harrah’s policy, took more time and effort than keeping hair trimmed above the collar, required of male employees.