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Sex party MP Fiona Patten, who was travelling with Mr Eideh, wrote on Twitter: “It was shocking we had all received the same US visa and were all traveling on official passports.” “The United Airlines staff knew he had been denied entry to the US before any of us,” Ms Patten told AAP from Denver. disbelieving.” Ms Patten said Mr Eideh was not told why he wasn’t allowed on the plane.The Victorian government has sought an explanation.Among Lebanese Muslims, however, Aramaic was lost twice, once in the shift to Arabic in the vernacular (Lebanese Arabic) and again in the religious sphere, since Arabic (Qur'anic Arabic) is the liturgical language of Islam.Some Lebanese Christians particularly Maronites, identify themselves as Lebanese rather than Arab, seeking to draw "on the Phoenician past to try to forge an identity separate from the prevailing Arab culture".Khalil Eideh, a Labor MP in Victoria, was stuck in Vancouver after a staff member from United Airlines told him he was not allowed to board a flight to Denver with his fellow politicians.The group had been in Europe and Canada studying drug laws, and was on its way to the US for the next leg of the trip.

Dating a Lebanese man is not liking dating anyone else.

It is therefore difficult to have an exact demographic analysis of Lebanese society.

The largest concentration of people of Lebanese ancestry may be in Brazil having an estimated population of 5.8 to 7 million, but it may be an exaggeration, given that an official survey conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) showed that less than 1 million Brazilians claimed any Middle-Eastern origin.

to progress an immigration application to a further stage such... For more information, please visit: Embassy is keen to stay in touch with Australian alumni in Lebanon.

If you studied at an Australian university, please send your contact details to [email protected]