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Bottomless mimosas are a huge draw on weekends and Sunday funday is kind of a big deal in San Diego. So weekend brunch solves a lot of our adorable lovers quarrels. Deli Llama Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears? They have delicious food and very affordable prices and dollar beers are a delightful plus.Well, I am Goldilocks and the three Sushi Delis are the three bears. Hillcrest Brewing Company Remember how I told you San Diegans loves their microbrews?Theme nights change often, so be sure to check the website for the latest updates in the Events section.Manic Monday at Brass Rail Just another Manic Monday?

Juicy at Bourbon Street My Sunday fundays end at Juicy at Bourbon Street. Save that money for your Monday morning hangover latte.You’ll usually find me in Hillcrest, University Heights or Normal Heights.North Park just underwent some major gentrification. Con: lost a lot of my favorite neighborhood bars and gained a lot more college douche bags. Little Italy is where you will find a load of Italian restaurants. ) There are also a lot of galleries, an amazing art store and adorable cafes. Gaslamp District is downtown,and I tend to avoid it.After a full day of imbibing, all I want to do is shake my ass until early Monday morning. Lesbians (and San Diego as a whole, really) love their microbrews.While I usually stick to lambic in these establishments, I do enjoy the bars and pubs that specialize in microbrews and imported beers. They have big ones, small ones, sweet ones and sour ones.But even I have to admit, I don’t come here for the booze; I come here for the food. It’s great for people watching or awkwardly staring at people you find attractive.