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This might surprise you if you’d fixed Miss Havisham’s age upward of that, and certainly she’s been played by actors decades older than Anderson and Bonham Carter and no one batted an eye.

Pip sees her as ancient (again, being seven himself).

This is floated as a ludicrous proposition, yet within weeks of the book’s publication, another reviewer would observe that “living types have already been pointed out that claim resemblance” to the character.

Here seems like a fitting jumping-off point for exploring how Miss Havisham came to be in the world: as a fantastical, impossible creature…clearly based on real-life people.

There’s the white hair, of course, and I imagine not going outside for fifteen years or so while subsisting on a diet of nothing but stale air and vengeful thoughts does, eventually, make it hard for people to accurately guess your age.

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Also be sure to check the "Table of Contents" page, see the menu on the left side of this page, to see the overview of all that this site has to offer in a organized form. Installments began appearing weekly in December of 1860 with the completed novel published the following summer. One critic found it “feeble, fatigued, and colourless,” while another noted that the “book resembles its name in one respect – it begins well and then disappoints.” Others recognized it as a masterpiece.Here we see Dickens gazed at by his contemporaries—wildly popular and famous of course, but someone who might still earn a headline like “Dickens’s Comeback” with a palpable question mark thrumming at its end.Those who served, their friends, families & admirers https:// This page will be updated every time we change the site.Check here first to see what's changed since your last visit.If Miss Havisham is in her 40s, so, let’s remember, was Dickens in his 40s when he wrote her.