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I know for a fact people would be protesting and demanding an end to this nonsense. I check-in 2hrs b4 my flight frm Mactan Airport, what surprise me is the queue at immigration was verrry..and it takes 30min to reach the immigration officer, after he check my passport I worried coz the immigration officer ask me to go inside the office for interview, and I check the time of my flight I still have 1hr&25min left departure time, mind that I have enough time till my flight but what I worried most is like the interviewer namely Lapas if Im not wrong, Description: dark, tall 5'8"-5'10, age around 50 he pur-posely repeat those nonsense questions like where is your birth certificate, how old your mother, etc...until it takes 35-40min interview for each passenger, as I remember that time total 6 person inside office and sometimes I notice that Mr.
“What does the conversation on dating violence look like on your college campus?

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