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"The majority of divorce cases among Emiratis happen because of arranged marriages," he agreed.

"Couples are rarely given the chance to know one another or to develop a level of affinity before they marry." Rashid said that another reason was that more and more Emiratis are questioning polygamy.

The guy told me he worked as a Delta Operator (Special Corps Anti Terrorism) and I never doubted it because everything he mentioned about his job was supported by pictures with his buddies and him in the compound, so I naively trusted him.

He told me he was on a long mission after which he would come to Dubai to meet me in person.

Um Abbas, a mother of three who is also divorced, said by attempting to "safeguard her dignity", her parents also put further pressure on her that led to a divorce."Today, I am but a burden on my parents, as my three children and I live with them.

Also, I receive benefits from the ministry of social affairs, in addition to alimony."Flights of fancy According to the Dubai court system, some of the recorded divorce cases were filed due to claims of infidelity.

As in other parts of the world, many men in the UAE perceive affairs as a passing fancy that would not have an impact on their marriage."Things are usually unchanged in a relationship when the cheating is done by the man.

Despite the government's best attempts to make marriage a union for life, divorce is a growing trend in the UAE.More than 50 percent of female divorcees blame their husbands for the breakdown of the marriage, while 70 percent of men blamed their former wives, the study found.This tendency for divorcees to blame their former spouse for the breakdown in their relationship is leading groups such as the Marriage Fund to believe that a lack of dialogue is one of the main reasons why so many marriages fail in the UAE.But many conservative elements in Emirati society criticised the emergence of registrars, saying it was an attack on their traditions.Still, many others say it is unsuitable matchmaking and the inevitable divorces that are the biggest threats to the stability of the family unit in the UAE.The domestic dispute evolved into a clash between her family and her husband's.