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We had fun planning our trips as it brought out the obsessive-compulsiveness in us.Together, with his drive and my passion, we made it to five Asean countries in seven days, and roughly 50 European landmarks in 19 days.In the end, I decided to be fair to him and let him go.I loved him, and I never wanted to put his dreams on hold and to prolong his agony traveling miles every other week and waiting for something or someone remotely uncertain.Residing and working in Singapore were a part of my plan, which we shared, but the current immigration policies and conditions in that country, particularly the barrage of hate blogs, made it difficult for us to work out our plan.

We would go on Skype every single night and text on Watsapp every time we had the opportunity even if he was doing his National Service and even if he was on a business trip overseas.

Privileged to go to almost any country without need for a visa, he had already toured almost a third of the world at the age of 25, while I hadn’t even been to a third of the Philippines.

Being in a bus for six hours or in a plane for less than an hour was nothing for him.

Hence, I decided to stay in Malaysia for another two years—and this changed his outlook.

We would spend our usual weeknight chat on Skype with him chiding me for my lack of determination, for my poor decision-making skills, for being content with my life in Malaysia, for being a slacker, and, worst, for being a carefree Filipino. My just leaving the conversation always pissed off the kiasu (afraid of losing out, or always wanting the upper hand) in him.