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Should someone have further questions, please post them at the Developer's mailing list.Most other preferences for maven are picked up from the configured Global and User Settings files.The features and interface exposed by Subclipse is very similar to those exposed by Eclipse's Team CVS feature.The only specific configuration for Subclipse that is preferred by some developers is to use the SVNKit Pure Java interface to SVN.This avoids having to install other (JNI) interfaces to SVN from Subclipse.This can be changed in the Eclipse preferences under Team m2eclipse is a very useful tool for developing maven configured projects from within eclipse.

The maven installations preference change is optional and could be used if you have a higher version of maven than the one that came with the plug-in.Velocity templates are directly or indirectly used in multiple maven plug-ins developed for Insight.These include the NSIS build plugin and the Insight Site Skin.m2eclipse also optionally downloads the sources and javadocs for dependencies (if available at the maven repository), which aids in debugging and development.Note: Developers may at their option switch to the Eclipse IAM feature when it is available. The configurations are pretty self explanatory as shown below.Veloclipse is a useful plug-in that aids in editing and maintaining velocity templates.