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Mahabharata dating

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(I am writing "should" because it is not yet discarded from the history text books.) Astronomical events mentioned in MB are used to calculate the date of the MB War.

One such event is the death of Bheeshma on a winter solstice day, Magh Shukla Ashtami.

Different dates have been proposed ranging from 5500 BCE to 900 BCE.

Following is a brief summary of this research: Genealogies of different dynasties are recorded in the Puraan.

Thirdly, Bharata has been continuously densely populated for thousands of years.

Archeological evidence is difficult to come by because many 100’s of generations of people are living in same area.

Though Bheeshm died on the Winter Solstice day, the celebration of Uttarayana is not mentioned in the MB. MB mentions a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse in 13 days.

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For the same period it gives 53 kings from Manu to Dhruturashtra. Even the Ikshvaku line need not contain ALL the kings of that line.In 500 CE, Aryabhatta calculated the start of Kali Yug as 17th February, 3102 BCE.This is based on the position of planets at the start of Kali Yug.[8] The archeological evidence points to a date between 3500 BCE and 1800 BCE.However there are some difficulties with the Archeological data gathering.In those times, this day was 14 Jan (Makar Sankrant).