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In here, consider removing the following cache files and folders: When done, log out of your user account and log back in, or optionally just restart your Mac, and see if the Finder slowdowns persist.

A second factor that might be at play here is Apple’s Spotlight indexing routines for Finder searches, where after upgrading or updating a system, Spotlight may attempt to index new items and get hung up when doing so.

If this type of error happens, the best approach is to dig into your system and remove the cache for the App Store, which should clear out the faulty installers and make the store re-download them.

To do this, open the Terminal utility (in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder) and run the following command (copy and paste it): open $TMPDIR../C/ This will open a directory that holds various caches for applications and system services, so locate the one for the App Store, which should be a folder called "" Once found, you can either open the folder and try removing the installation package for the program itself, or simply remove the entire folder (it will be recreated when the App Store is next run).

This file adds conformance to Realm Objective‑C collection types and re-exposes Objective‑C methods that aren’t natively accessible from Swift like methods including variadic arguments.

Realm Objective‑C doesn’t include this file by default, because that would force all users of Realm Objective‑C to include the hefty Swift dynamic libraries regardless of whether or not they use Swift in their app!

The caches for these services are located in your user library, so get to them by holding the Option key and choosing Library from the Go menu in the Finder.

Please browse our tv OS examples for sample tv OS apps demonstrating how to use Realm as either an offline cache or with preloaded data.

This will force the system to run a drive check and clear some system caches.

When done, reboot your Mac normally to see if the problems persist.

Caches are small databases of frequently accessed resources that a program can access far quicker than having to locate and parse this information directly from locations on disk, or which store specific URLs and other Web resources that a program may use for accessing an online account or other data.

While they usually enhance performance, if damaged then caches may do the exact opposite.