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If Islam is right and we are not following this deen completely, we are injuring our own soul, both in this life and the next.

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I knocked on doors, selling grossly overpriced door and window locks.Deep down, I knew people were being ripped off, so it wasn’t easy selling a product I had no faith in, as I was a bit too honest.Dom Parker with Steph: 'There have been times when money has been tight and there’s nothing worse than being unable to afford petrol to fill your car.Years and years ago, I remember freewheeling down hills – anything to minimise the cost of fuel' Dom Parker rose to fame as one half of Gogglebox’s “posh couple” Steph and Dom in the cult television hit.I asked if I’d be able to have a drink and they said, “Yes, and we’ll pay you a little bit but it’s not very much.” I repeated, “So you’re really going to pay me to sit on my sofa and watch telly, where’s the catch?” The show was an unmitigated success, which I don’t think anybody expected.Very simply, we filmed a TV show, Four in a Bed, because we own a boutique hotel.

I went to the rugby recently and must have done 150 selfies on the way out.

I suppose the steel years were very good when I was part of the family business earning a six-figure salary as a director.

But life moves on and right now, life is proving lucrative in more ways than just financial.

I was taught to respect it, never to squander or gamble it, and look after it as it’s “here today, gone tomorrow”.

Also when you put in a lot of work to earn money, you don’t want to see it vanish through frippery.