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You are a naturally beautiful and a very talented actress.

Im your avid fan...unnie, please play a role as perfect women, no one look down on you,like you are goddess, role with complicated problem like moon chae won character in Nice Guy, or else,something serious,dramatic but still....romance include of course :) i do agree that gong hyo jin is same with average girl outside there but she still IS beautiful and her acting is really superb.. n i don't think some 'more' beautiful actress can act like her in this drama..i love her since biscuit teacher and star candy and pasta.. even i love yoon sang hyun and lee kwang soo more... I'd like to see those that feel she is ugly or unattractive win so many accolades, and be cast on as many movies as she has. Those opinions are why young Korean girls feel ugly and want plastic surgery, because they don't fit into the perfect ideal mold. I love both So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Ji and think that they both are excellent actors and have such great chemistry on The Master's Sun. She's gorgeous as well and has one of the craziest yet oddly cute ways to express her roles ! I don't want to be negative, but she is not a good actress, and her looks are less than average. ), 'Bisquit Teacher', and 'Pasta' (just to name a few) there are heart-pounding beauties playing alongside of her who slowly disappear from view once her character begins to work her delicate magic upon you.

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She first became interested in fashion design while in her teens and flew to Australia with her mother and brother to pursue that goal. I never thought I would like so much a korean actress, next to Kim Ha Neul or Kim Tae Hee. Go Gong Lovely Go I love you GHJ, you proved again in THE MASTER'S SUN how excellent and superb actress you are. Continue stunning, stay humble and simple because you are perfect. u seem to have a natural way of captivating ur audience.. when u and the chef giggle it seemed so natural and it was very catching that i giggle by myself... she have inner beauty and she is so very friendly.. i think so ji sub will be good husband for gong hyo jin.. and now in TMS..WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, you and So Ji Sub so awesome. Youhad excellent acting in have a very kindly face and eyes and I think that you are really kind you cry in "Thank you" I cry. maybe 2years from now..promise to go in south korea just to see you..i dont know what to say.. sarangheo unni :-* anyeong unni :) I'm Yarie from Philippines.

The couple then broke up sometime in 2003, with rumors slowly sprouting out in the following years that the couple were back together again. I have been watching drama series from your contry such as Stairway in Heaven, The baker King, Temptation of Wife, Dongyi, etc. But in your drama series (PASTA, THE GREATEST LOVE/BEST LOVE/THE MASTER'S SUN) i watched it repeatedly and I even made it as screen saver in my laptop.. It is even worse when she is cast opposite handsome actors and in good dramas: i.e. Please writers, let olive have more clever and edgier characters... i like your acting in pasta cause you are look funny girl,, :) Hai Olive , Your acting in Pasta was excellent , hope many girls & women inspire they live to see your acting be the one with out sell the body!

In 2008, the couple officially announced that they were once again romantically involved. This is how addicted Iam for your Miss Gong Hyo Jin... I can see the love in Jang Hyuk 's eyes (Thank You) or the love in Rain Bi's face ( Sang Doo...), but she ruins the entire illusion and I snap back to reality as soon as her face appears. An actress/woman whose beauty doesn't immediately knock you over the head like say Song Hye Gyo or Kim Min Jung's does, but one whose subtle and delicate nature allows the hearts engine to slowly warm. You're so cute, plain, without sin, n you have a kind heart.

I am so glad that Kim Soo Hyun and her act 2gder in the drama bec their my fave. She is fabulous and I would continue to watch many more of her work. We'll always be with you and support you until forever ends ♥ Gong Hyo Jin has been my solid favorite Rom Com actress. Looking forward for your new project :) Guys, here are some link fan made video for Gong Hyo Jin's Birthday.. A bit of custom cannot stale her infinite variety about her. don't worry about the awards cuz for us, you are always the best!

i want to see you and take to u but l don't know korean language .... Zo In-Sung from Its Okay, This is Love , So Ji Sub from Master's Sun and Cha Seung Won from Greatest Love. (And they also play similar-ish personalities, where in they are somewhat mean, arrogant and or have some issue or another due to their past....) Perhaps the only korean actress I thorougly like. I find that many korean actresses seem to wear the same expression and give off the same acts. I hope you'll find the one that's meant to you (although I think you already did and its SJS) because you deserve to be happy. v=DUQq C_bx5v8 May your birthday be filled, with sunshine and smile, laughter, love and cheer. Saranghaeyo :) Contrary to some of the opinions here, I find her to be far more unique and beautiful than most Korean actresses. I bet she will also have a great chemistry with him. I really want her to date again only this time with one of my favorite actors. you are my favourite actress alongside Jun Ji Hyun and Shin Min Ah.