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The severities of the winter of 1708-09 seem to have been the chief cause of this exodus.

One company, under Christopher de Graffenried and Lewis Mitchell, settled at the junction of the Neuse River and the Trent ( North Carolina ) and in the neighbouring country.

About the same time a number of Germans established themselves near Frederick, Maryland, and between South Mountain and the Conococheague.

The first German settlement in South Carolina was in 1731, at Purysburg on the Savannah.

Germans, either by birth or descent, form a very important element in the population of the United States .

Their number is estimated at not less than twelve millions.

Some ten or fifteen years after Spotswood's retirement to Germanna, a company of Germans came into Virginia from Pennsylvania, doubtless Palatines from Berks County.

They settled in the lower Shenandoah Valley and founded the town of Strasburgh, just over the mountain from Germanna.

In the spring of the following year, another company of fifty-two Palatines, joined by three Holsteiners, went to England and appealed to Queen Anne, praying for transportation to America.

The "German Creoles" of Louisiana are descendants of these early colonists.

During the war of the Revolution, thirty thousand German soldiers fought under the British flag.

This colony included a considerable number of Swiss, and to their first settlement they gave the name, New Berne, in memory of the native city of the two Swiss partners, de Graffenried and Mitchell.

Another company of Germans was settled about the same time, by Governor Spotswood, at Germanna in Virginia, whither, a little later, many of those who had established themselves in North Carolina are said to have removed.