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I get fussed at on occasion for impulse buying games, but it's a legitimate gripe." But not so for divorced gamer Rob Morris of Phoenix, Arizona, a former systems engineer and Senior Editor at gaming and entertainment website

Rob was married for 10 years and never played video games together with his former wife.

Sometimes he has to pull over so she can have a pee break, and sometimes she has to realize he's going to race at the next red light.

Scattergories is a classic game that asks players to answer various questions, but the trick is – those answers must all begin with a certain letter!

"Gaming created quite a bit of turmoil in my marriage because I am not a TV watcher and she was." Did the 10 to 12 hours he spent a week playing video games ultimately cause the marriage to fail?

"I can't say that video games had nothing to do with it because I am certain that her resentment of my time in gamer-land pushed things along but I knew the marriage was going to end anyway." Rob places emphasis on how his future girlfriend or spouse must be perfectly OK with his gaming hobby.

If they're not OK with that, I can't pursue things with them." Thirty-three-year-old product manager "Jim" (asked that his real name not be used) of New York City is a gamer and has been married for one and a half years.

We had been watching a lot more television the last few months. I didn't have to power off my gaming habit permanently to maintain a happy marriage, even through I was prepared to do so, as I love my wife very much.

Jeramy is mostly a solitary gamer who plays with his two kids from time to time while he says his wife tolerates it.

"Diablo 3" is his current "time waster." When asked if any conflicts have arisen because of his solitary gaming habits Jeramy responded, "Not really.

We even had long gaming sessions together on lazy Saturdays playing "Plants vs.

We've been happily together nearly three years, and even more happily married for over eleven months now, with our big ceremony only a few months past. " "You've been playing a lot of video games." I didn't think I'd been playing nearly as much since we married, and this was never an issue while we were dating.