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"And growing up, there was this wondering what he would think of me or what I would think of him." Watts' father, who worked as a tour manager for bands including Pink Floyd, died of a heroin overdose when she was just eight years old.
We may be in the middle of summer but that doesn't mean we've retired our favourite look - all black everything, of course - to the back of the wardrobe. Inspiring us to grab our favourite black skinnies and ankle boots from our closet is none other than Ashley Tisdale and this slammin' bodysuit...

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After getting Shelly's cooing approval, he went to town on that juicy little slit.Mike was intoxicated by his first taste of a woman's nectar, it immediately made him crave more and more and more. This story features anal sex, so be warned in case that's not your cup of tea. Even a tolerant, caring, loving mommy is bound to run out of patience sooner or later. Mike, her eighteen-year-old son, seemed to be impermeable to all the help she had provided so far. Standing outside her son's room, Julia sighed as she peeked inside. It was also wrong, according to the general moral standards of society. Plus, this was her son: nothing could stop her from doing what needed to be done to help him. She quietly padded on her naked little feet until she was right behind him. "Mike, sweetie..." Her soft, husky voice made the teenager turn around in his chair. Though he stopped jacking off, his hand was still holding his big shaft. He was so nervous around girls that he could barely talk to them, let alone ask one of them out. This is the first part of a series and it's mostly about context: you may want to consider reading something else if you're in a hurry. Taking a long steadying breath, Julia silently pushed the door open and stepped into her son's room. At eighteen, smart and handsome as he was, he had serious trouble getting a date.It really wasn't bad at all, she thought, swallowing that creamy treat and finding the whole experience very erotic.

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He wanted that blowjob to last forever, but it was just too good.

Still, an obstacle remained on their way to ultimate satisfaction.

Shelly was a virgin and she meant to remain one until she got married.

Within a few minutes, he was pumping another torrential load of cum into his girlfriend's willing mouth.

Caught unawares, Shelly coughed and spluttered at first, drooling Mike's seed all over her lips and chin as she tried to swallow the spurting jets of cum flooding her oral cavity.