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Laud Humphreys’ (1970), was one of the first major studies to highlight the complex interactions among participants engaging in washroom sex.Laud Humphreys and others’ research have consistently found, for instance, despite the anonymity and impersonal nature of discrete washroom encounters, that the men involved take measures to prevent discovery by other members of the public, thus containing their activities from public view and unsuspecting men using the facilities.Queer Ontario’s predecessor, CLGRO had pushed back in a previous era of policing, recognizing the risks that men MSM who are not out, and married men face through arrest and exposure of their sexual seeking activities.In the 1990s CLGRO produced a pamphlet that addressed this issue directly.[1] It is once again time to confront the various social, legal and institutional forces and homophobia that surround public sex.

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Men seeking sex with other men in such public yet discrete places do so for a variety of reasons.

Inevitably this shapes the choices and forms that queer social life takes, and issues of who has access.

It also has effects on how gay, bisexual and queer men and women and transfolk self-fashion themselves according to the dominant dictates of taste, values, etc.

The space of purity and cleanliness is policed by activities or bodies that are deemed, in racist ways, as non-white or unclean, as space is policed for ‘unwelcome’ interventions and ‘unauthorized’ activities.[2] Other issues emerge in the desire to eroticize public space outside of official use value.

Making claims on public sex practices is not confined solely to cis-gendered gay, bisexual or men who have sex with men.