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Until the discovery of the Buttermilk Creek Complex, which appears to have unquestionable evidence of pre-Clovis habitation, there has been a lack of indisputable evidence of pre-Clovis culture in North America.

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Additional resources below are suggested for those both outside and inside the impacted areas.American Red Cross The American Red Cross Safe and Well website allows individuals to register themselves as safe or search for loved ones.If you are having difficulties “roaming” on your cellular device simply “reset” the phone by turning it all the way off for a few seconds.Once you turn your device back on, you should be able to “roam” freely Following events like Hurricane Maria, we understand that communications networks are not always operational.All Cellular Service customers, in both Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands will have service upon the first roaming partners availability.

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Survivors are particularly susceptible because their needs are immediate, and have few alternatives to choose from.

As communications are restored, there are numerous options for survivors, friends, and family members to search for loved ones.

Survivors with internet access are encouraged to connect with friends and family members via social media platforms.

If you find an unaccompanied child, please indicate whether the child has a disability or has access and functional needs in the appropriate field in the Unaccompanied Minors Registry.

If you do not have access to the internet, please call 1-866-908-9570.