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Go global with the Guzman, which is seasoned Yucatan venison with pork fat, sour orange and achiote.

Or keep it local, like I did, with a jalapeño cheddar bratwurst topped “Milwaukee-style,” slathered in cheese spread, shredded cheddar cheese and squeaky fried cheese curds. This isn’t your average corner bratwurst joint; it’s also a bustling craft cocktail bar, and specialty sausages come with beer/cocktail pairing suggestions.

Don’t put on airs, and it’s likely that you will be welcomed with open arms.

Save some time to read through the 50-page “bierbook,” which is updated seasonally and highlights unique craft beers from Belgium, Holland and the United States.

There’s always something to celebrate in Milwaukee.

And I’m not just talking about the music, food and art festivals that fill the summer, or the azure views of Lake Michigan, or even the city’s beer-steeped history.

During the 90-minute cruise, the guide regaled us with stories of Milwaukee’s industrial history while passing old brick tanneries, brick masonry factories, and cold storage warehouses; architectural history via the skyline and especially that winged Milwaukee Art Museum; and Great Lakes insights such as the fact that the five lakes hold about one-fifth of all the freshwater on Earth.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to hear some traces of lovable Midwestern aw-shucks earnestness.