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Internet is now a household commodity; people can work remotely, allowing them to connect with colleagues and business partners from across the globe, and the advent of social media websites like Facebook have allowed people to rediscover friendships and family they may have otherwise never seen again.One thing that social media and technology have not benefitted is modern dating culture.As Complex puts it, even when you decide to unfriend/unfollow an ex, “…you have to remember what mutual friends you have so you don’t have to see Instagrammed pictures of your ex tongue-wrestling with her rando creeper neighbor you always thought had a thing for her.” Ugh.Remember the days when landlines weren’t archaic and it was actually considered normal for those in the 20s and 30s age bracket to own one?Along with social media sites like Twitter and Instagram coming into the fold as popular social media sites, this constant connection to people can have detrimental effects when it comes to attempts at getting over a breakup.Back before the internet, breakups could be resolved by both parties agreeing not to see or talk again, and subsequently pretending the other person doesn’t exist and/or moved to a different planet.

Seriously, ever since my parents learned how to text (and learned what “lol” stands for) they can’t get enough of texting me and my sister.

If a guy only communicates with you between the hours of 9 pm to 3 am, you know what his intentions are.” The popularity of the smartphone has offered many wonderful things — we now have access to emails, websites, a slew of self-improving apps, and the like right at our fingertips.

Of course, with every positive there are invariably a few negatives attached, which brings us to the topic of texting.

In fact, social media and technology have basically ruined dating and romance as we know it.

Gone are the days of handwritten love notes, mustering up the courage to formally ask someone out on a date, and ambitions for monogamy rather than hooking up.