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If you think you might stray in a relationship, this feature is for you.

This feature may help you find out if someone is a stated player or is ready for a serious relationship.

There’s this firecracker moment when our eyes connect for the first time and — we want each other.

It’s more than physical attraction; it’s spiritual, it’s deep, it’s something really real.

Not completely gone, I’ll hear back from him if I contact him first and maybe even see him once in awhile, but he’s no longer making an effort. These guys, these real connections, are the ones I am most interested in developing long-term romantic affairs with — and they are also the ones who are the most freaked out by my assertion that I have no desire to be monogamous with them. I’ve done it before, didn’t like it, never wanna do it again.

It’s inexplicable to me, because things were going . And at this particular moment in my life, I’m not super stoked about relationships in general, since I’ve just come off of seven years of back-to-back relationships.

You might have not noticed it yet, but recently they’ve changed some of the features, and the friend percentage has disappeared.

I’m a big fan of this free online dating site and recommend it often to singles looking for love on the Internet.

I desperately need to be single for a while, so I can focus on all the things I want to do for a change.

But while I might be off relationships, I’m not off sex, and I’m certainly not off love.

You see, as a practitioner of solo polyamory, a form of polyamory that means you have multiple romantic or sexual relationships, but no committed primary partner — I come with a certain level of upfront honesty.

When I meet a new guy, I lead with this information, just to make sure they understand that, ' ' But what I’m finding over and over is that even the most commitment-phobic guys don’t like it when you close the door to a possible future commitment. Is it that shitty double standard that says men can sleep around and be praised for it, but women are met with slut-shaming and disrespect?