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She's understandably miffed and leaves the tournament.

After the whole kerfuffle with Teddy's dad not knowing about Silver, he offers to introduce them over dinner which ends up being a barbecue with everyone in the family, including Teddy's father's 20-something girlfriend and his therapist.

Silver immediately regrets not trusting Teddy and confesses to him later, telling him she knows she can trust him now.

Teddy tells her that's great, but that now he doesn't know if he can trust her.

Later on, they end up getting closer to each other and rekindle their trust for each other. Teddy tells Silver that he's not planning on going to college just yet because he wants to pursue professional tennis.

They get into a tiff over it, but Silver ultimately decides to support him by showing up at his match. When Silver goes over to Teddy's dear old dad to introduce herself at the game, he says he had no clue Teddy had a girlfriend.

He doesn't take a shining to Silver at first, saying that he hates journalists, but when she admits one of his movies was terrible, he warms up to her for her honesty.

Don't go getting all excited yet though, because he still wants Teddy to dump her.

The girl shadowing Teddy finds out Teddy tells the other girl he's seeing Silver right away and that it's serious.He is the son of Oscar-winning movie star Spence Montgomery and is also a professional tennis player. Before Navid confesses, Teddy comes in and saves the day. He starts with light questions about tennis, and then he asks why he came back to California from boarding school – especially since he was kicked out for being caught with two naked girls in his room. During the date, Adrianna was jealous to see Teddy kissing his girlfriend. She dislikes Teddy because of what he did to Adrianna so she tells him she'll complete the project on her own.He drops his dad's name and all the damage is undone. Dixon asks Teddy where Silver is, and it is revealed accidentally that Silver and Ethan kissed. Adriana gets mad at Navid for being harsh on Teddy. In line for the bathroom, Adrianna and Teddy share a kiss. Navid is devastated; he was ready to marry Adrianna. Soon, she realizes that he is not interested in having an exclusive relationship with her. She is so preoccupied with her dying mother that she forgets to do the assignment and Teddy ends up covering for her, telling the teacher it's his fault, he left the project at home.Teddy and Silver are getting hot and heavy, making Silver wonder if she is ready to take the relationship an extra step.While at tennis practice, Teddy’s phone receives a text from Silver that Spence sees.Teddy tried to make it to the funeral but couldn't and he confessed to Silver that he hadn't made it to his own mother's funeral.