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Mormons updating practices

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I do believe it would take only a few changes in future editions to make it more acceptable to myself and other Mormons.

I was hesitant to buy this book because of frustrations earlier in life trying to find answers about Mormonism or LDS as it is referred to today.

"Mormonism Explained lays out clearly what Mormons believe.

Chapters on Mormon history are especially enlightening.

Mormons have a deep love for the Bible and feel that they take it more literally than many other Christian religions.

This is obviously a controversial chapter for Protestants on the subjects of baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, authority, and faith vs. Most of these arguments have been going on between Catholics and Protestants for years.

From an apologetics point of view this book is geared toward Protestants, and not Catholics or Orthodox. For a book by a non-Mormon explaining Mormon beliefs it does a very good job with the few exceptions I've noted, plus a few others.

His research was very impressive, and the way he explained things was very clear.

Jackson also does some apologetic work explaining why he feels some of the Mormon doctrines are wrong, but mostly uses blanket statements stating that the Bible or early Christians don't agree and moving on.

An example is where he absolutely states that no early Christians ever believed in the concept of a pre-existence or another example where he states that early Christians never believed in the Mormon concept of the Godhood.