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Ms access screenupdating

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Hi Access VBA Excel automation gurus, I have been searched the web the past 2 days to find a access vba function to find a text in a excel file and return the column number, but I can not find it. The Access vba function will be allow to be reused by passing parameters. Function Column No(By Val str Text As String, By Val File Path Name As String, By Val Sht Name As String) As Integer Dim File Name As String Dim sht As Worksheet Dim Sht Found As Boolean Sht Found = False If Dir(File Path Name) "" Then File Name = Mid(File Path Name, In Str Rev(File Path Name, "\") 1) Application. Column On Error Go To 0 If Column No = 0 Then Msg Box "Text '" & str Text & "' not found in file " & File Name & " (" & Sht Name & ")", vb Exclamation, "Find Column" End If Next If Not Sht Found Then Msg Box "Sheet '" & Sht Name & "' could not be found in file '" & File Name & "'! ", vb Exclamation, "Find Column" Workbooks(File Name). Screen Updating = True Else Msg Box "File " & File Path Name & " could not be found! Public Function Column No(By Val str Text As String, By Val File Path Name As String, By Val Sht Name As String) As Integer Dim File Name As String Dim sht As Object Dim obj XL As Object Const xl Formulas As Integer = -4123 Const xl Part As Integer = 2 Const xl By Rows As Integer = 1 Const xl Next As Integer = 1 Set obj XL = Create Object("Excel.

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In other words - when I click run - I just want a message saying "Macro Running" or something - then the code will run and finish and the finished position will be displayed with a message like "Macro Finished".right now i'm referencing the page names directly to show/hide When you have a big vba macro / code which needs to run for many minutes, you can change the cursor to the hourglass or waiting cursor (based on your system setting) for the period when the macro is running. Worksheets("Charts")' Code transferring data from Access to Excel and creates a number of charts in Excelobj XLBook. Quit Set obj Results Sheet = Nothing Set obj Chart Sheet = Nothing Set obj XLBook = Nothing Set obj XLApp = Nothing I have the same problem. Worksheets("Data")Set obj Chart Sheet = obj XLBook. Worksheet Public Sub Create Excel()Set obj XLApp = Create Object("excel.application")Set obj XLBook = obj XLApp. This code does the following:1) Opens an existing spreadsheet2) Shows it on screen3) Writes some data from a table to several different worksheet cells4) Selects a worksheet and 'Autofits' the cells5) Saves the existing file6) closes it Private Sub Excel Code()Dim app Excel As Object Dim work Book As Object Dim work Sheet As Object' Open an existing spreadsheet Set app Excel = Get Object("C:\Accounting\File1.xls")' Show spreadsheet on screenapp Excel.