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The signal’s carrier frequency is maintained at 60 k Hz to within 2 parts in 10 A radio station at Rugby was first operated by the Post Office from 1926, with the call-sign GBR.From 19 December 1927, it broadcast a 15.8 k Hz time signal from the Royal Observatory which could be received worldwide.

“The life that we are having here is quite artificial. But it is “no real substitute for sharing your daily lives,” Ahmadova remarked.

“My partner now is in a very different field of work and I really, really like that. Aid workers are often hired for a limited period to complete a specific project.

Long maternity/paternity leave or part-time work is difficult to organize.

“Aid work always looks very glamorous from the outside.

Everybody expects that they will meet somebody amazing like the French MSF [Médecins Sans Frontières] doctor with whom they will have these wonderful romance travels around the world,” said Julia*, an aid worker who just left Haiti after a lengthy tour of duty and is ready to start a stable relationship.