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Ironically this'll affect businesses more than consumers but there are other known [and unpatched] [email protected], @All Whilst Mailvelope is a browser add-on it's a very popular one at that and it'll affect a number of people.To gain insight into the visual communication associated with each behavior in terms of the body patterning's key components, the co-expression frequencies of two or more components at any moment in time were calculated in order to assess uniqueness when distinguishing one behavior from another.This approach identified the minimum set of key components that, when expressed together, represents an unequivocal visual communication signal.The option of Open PGP smart cards have existed for ages and its' applets exist in many flavours of implementations ranging from closed source (official Open PGP card that supports Gnu PG) to open source Java Card formats which even I have worked on some parts of it.We can continue to cover our own eyes and use systems and solutions not designed for making attackers life much harder or we can at least start to adopt more higher assurance methods and improve our personal security and privacy by moving away from implementations that clearly not only do not yield security benefits but may result otherwise. • May 5, 2017 PM Thoth I'm somewhat bewildered to see that you dignify a firefox plugin/add on clusterf*ck with a response at all.• May 5, 2017 PM @ab praeceptis: More nose picking? Who else (besides all of the nato countries spook agencies) would do such an evil thing? macron hasn't hardy finished vomitting his accusations about evil Russians (TM) hacking him, et voilà, it happens.:) "World News | Fri May 5, 2017 | pm EDT France's Macron campaign emails appear to be leaked online" USKBN1812AZ • May 5, 2017 PM • May 5, 2017 PM Grauhut (May 5, 2017 PM) The evil Russians (TM)! I'm wondering, though, how the evil Russians (TM) do evil hacking.

Those who want to further encrypt their messages (OTPs) can do so within an already encrypted application.Let's not start about the inherent insecurity of the mobile stack because I'm outlining the main issue of day-to-day adoption of encryption.Whats App have made everybody more secure by making encryption mainstream. Compare Whats App usage to people who use smartcard implementations. I know few people who bother to even use a password manager; I don't know anybody who uses a Mooltipass (smartcard based password manager).intelid=INTEL-SA-00075&languageid=en-fr https:// 2017 - Parallel Implementations of Masking Schemes and the Bounded Moment Leakage Model 2017: On dual lattice attacks against small-secret LWE and parameter choices in HElib and SEAL low-resource quantum factoring algorithm https://org/2017/352Revised Draft Trump EO on Cybersecurity: May 2017 Version https:// Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors Real-time full-blown snooping with breakable encryption https:// years of warnings, mobile network hackers exploit SS7 flaws to drain bank accounts Dark-web pedo jailed after FBI and co use vid trick to beat privacy tech https:// Affidavit: https://uk/2017/05/04/website19Qubes kicks Xen while it's down after finding 'fatal, reliably exploitable' bug https:// More Android phones than ever are covertly listening for inaudible sounds in ads Not-so-secret DOD “spy drone” footage, live on the Internet "Kenneth Lipp, a contributor to the Daily Beast, was doing what amounts to a random search on the security search engine Shodan when he discovered what appears to be a Web console for full-motion video feeds from two Predator drones." Director of National Intelligence Releases 2016 Transparency Report https:// The Promises and Perils of Emerging Technologies for Cybersecurity https:// Louisiana DA's Office Used Fake Subpoenas To Trick People Into Talking "If defense lawyers did this, you can bet the local prosecutor's office would be there in an instant to file charges.But since it's a prosecutor's office doing it, local prosecutors see nothing wrong with lying to witnesses to obtain testimony." https:// Password reuse, credential stuffing and another billion records in Have I been pwned https:// Proposed NIST Password Guidelines Soften Length, Complexity Focus TLS verification vulnerability in Libre SSL 2.5.1-2.5.3 "Libre SSL 2.5.1 to 2.5.3 lacks TLS certificate verification if SSL_get_verify_result is relied upon for a later check of a verification result, in a use case where a user-provided verification callback returns 1, as demonstrated by acceptance of invalid certificates by nginx." A Trick That Hides Censored Websites Inside Cat Videos "The technique uses popular sites as camouflage for banned ones." https:// OWASP top ten – Boring security that pays off Google Doc phishing story takes some bizarre turns https:// Don't panic, Florida Man, but a judge just said you have to give phone passcodes to the cops https:// Sextortion suspect must unlock her seized i Phone, judge rules Asus WRT sends network traffic data to Trend Micro if certain features enabled Edge displays "123456" in PDF but prints "114447" Adware the series, part 1 and part 2 [part 3 coming soon] How to explain zero-knowledge protocols to your children May 5, 2017 PM Ben A Thanks for providing a lengthy and interrupting the flow rehash of HN.• May 6, 2017 AM I did not see it in the vomitus disgorged above... administration would love to have similar legislation on the books, rest assured.