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The flight changes would be free of charge, the airline said.
And the Hotline Bling hitmaker has even been promoting her on his Instagram, sharing a black and white snap of the duo, as well as posting up a picture of her on stage with an angel and flower emoji.

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They also believe that others are envious of them — and frequently get envious of others.Since narcissists see their significant others as extensions of themselves, they might have a different reaction than most partners when things don't go as planned (for example if you lose your job or go through an emotionally difficult time).“They’re very concerned with their reputation, and you add to their reputation since they’re dating you.They’re always looking at themselves and how gorgeous they look; they’re shallow and not really connecting with anything deeper than outward appearances,” Kouffman Sherman says.“This also plays into why they don’t think they need to own up to anything: because they think they’re perfect.” This self-importance goes way beyond pride: Narcissists expect to be praised even when their achievements don't support their sense of superiority.

“When you’re dating a narcissist, they probably won’t compromise on an important issue,” Kouffman Sherman says.

“They strongly believe they’re right and that they’re teaching you something.

They can’t understand another person’s perspective.” This inability to engage with rational debate comes off as arrogance.

All the time.“We all have a need to feel love and respected deep down, but narcissists don’t have an internal supply of it like other people,” Kane says.

Because of that, she says they may actually suck you dry with their constant craving for compliments and attention. Narcissists can be such great manipulators that it takes someone who’s dating them quite a while to even pick up on it.