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The sex dating members who do have profiles are going all out.
In both cases, this may be due to the allure of the possibilities that come with mixing ages, interests and backgrounds.

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Of course, that all changed when I picked the wrong woman freshman year of college.Not the woman herself, because she was actually really easy.I mean, to the point that I kinda felt lucky I only wound up with a broken jaw and some badly bruised ribs.So after that I naturally shied away from women altogether for a little while, and made a conscious effort to stay away from anyone with a boyfriend for even longer.Though as any teenage girl that finds herself on the bad end of rumors, even those well earned, can tell you, it takes a long time to undo the damage.

And while I’m not exactly a pip squeak, he beat the shit out of me.

You see, back in high school and college I was one of those guys that liked the challenge of fucking women in relationships, the more committed the better.

Probably my biggest conquest was banging the prom queen, during prom, while her quarterback boyfriend waited for her to come back from the bathroom completely unaware that she actually had her legs wrapped around my waist begging me to fuck her harder.

Then if it didn’t sound quite right we tweaked it until it did.

Every so often we stopped to write it down before picking up where we left off.