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No worry, the bugs caused by updating i Tunes on your computer are to blame for the detection problem.

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Create safety by letting them know you have their best interest in mind,” Grenny says. Describe the situation using tentative terms and what you think the couple is doing, not what you’ve concluded. Don’t air a list of gripes; address one issue at a time.

He offers a few tips for having a private, productive talk.

(If the couple has made their relationship public then you can talk to them about the issue together as a couple, if the couple is obviously interested in each other, but has not made their relationship public, talk to them separately.) “Start the conversation by sharing your good intentions.

Worse still, when a supervisor is in a relationship with a subordinate, the line between romance and sexual harassment becomes increasingly thin.

In such an event, says Scher, the company is open to lawsuits, bad press, and unpleasant turbulence that can seriously disrupt operations.