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Are there (of course there are) specific steps that I am not quite getting right? Regards, Chuck Billow ------------------------------------------------- "Good judgment comes from experience, and experience - well, that comes from poor judgment." ~ A(lan) A(lexander) Milne (1882-1956)- "House at Pooh Corner" Skip, yes, a combination of that link and google did get me where I needed to get to -- except for the digital signature. Does Office 365 not have the tool to create a digital signature?

If it does, where, and if it does not, then how does one create a signature to sign things like macros (VB)?

The update, which was released next week, has made some users hit the forums for complaints.

The good news is that the old does not get deleted after the patch -- it just gets renamed to old, so in order to restore all your settings, all you need to do is replace the new file with the old one.

A member of Microsoft’s product team, going by the name Rob L, gave instructions in the forum post how to restore the settings: and press Enter.

You are now looking at the Templates that Word (and other Office apps) use. If you still cannot find your content, and there were other templates in your Templates folder to choose from, then shut down Word, go back to your templates folder, delete Normal and go back to step 4.

So it seems that I need to "rebuild" my default template.

That's OK..the end of the world..long as I can recover my macros. Save off the macros from the 2010 template and then bring them into a new 2016 template?

Hi all, I'm making a long overdue leap from Word 2003 to Word 2010. The idea was to keep badly designed templates/documents from elsewhere from impacting my local copy of

The glitch was initially blamed on a Windows 10 security update, but the bug was eventually tracked down to a dodgy Office patch.

The flaw is a pain in the ASCII for anybody who customised their copy of Word with macros, auto-corrections, and autotext for their own particular needs.

A Microsoft Office update has pranged customised copies of Word.

The upgrade for Word version 16.0.6366 renames users' file.