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If you try to plow through the questions, e Harmony will ask you to slow down and ponder your answer, a nice touch.

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Traditional dating labels have gone out the window in 2015.

Labels such as "boyfriend", "girlfriend" and even "bae" aren’t required like they used to be.

Until then, we hope you enjoy your stay in Non-BF land.

This the basic definition of a “friend with benefits.” The relationships last as long as a match and go nowhere from there; this is an extremely low-key and open relationship.

It’s like the opposite of Cinderella — instead of running away while the clock strikes twelve, you’re just receiving a text message from your Prince Charming, signaling the party’s about to begin.

In this case, your friends know him — he’s met them at late-night parties and after-hours and they expect to see him at your side when you are at these things.

Since I was introduced to the term by an old roommate, I’ve called every guy I’ve dated for more than a few dates, my “Non Boyfriend” (Non-BF), partially because I just didn’t know whether it would be ok for me to call them my boyfriend, and also because I am a commitment-phobe and never know whether or not I actually WANT to call someone my boyfriend, even if they are. Because of this, in your dating life span you can have very few BFs and many Non-BFs (helping you keep your “BF number down” much like the recyclables in the “sea” help keep your “sxy number” down).

You don’t have to let the world know what type of Non-BF your current Non-BF is.