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"I spoke as a concerned mother (not as a doctor) on the advertisement, sharing my worries over the consequences of legalizing same-sex marriage on the education system," she said.

"My views on traditional marriage have nothing to do with my ability to look after my patients in a professional capacity."But for the most part, younger generations of Chinese have been unusually quiet in the face of such vehement propaganda being put out by their elders.

She said that one local We Chat group that was originally used to petition against building a mosque in the city has now become a platform for Chinese to vocally oppose same-sex marriages.

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Liu noticed that in the time leading up to the survey, conservative Chinese showed an unprecedented enthusiasm for political participation, from passing out leaflets to spreading anti-homosexual propaganda on Chinese social media.The fate of Australia and our next generation is in your hands!Vote against legalizing same-sex marriage because it's a death spell that will leave you sonless, and the origin that creates and spreads AIDS," read one post Liu shared with the Global Times.In a message chain Zhang shared with the Global Times, he attempts to explain to Wang that most of the companies that offer services in her life support same-sex marriage.Wang at first replies that all these companies need to be boycotted, but later on she becomes quite furious and curses Zhang's family.The petition called on the Australian Medical Association to "review the registration of Dr Pansy Lai." According to media reports, it attracted more than 6,200 signatures on, a site operated by activist group Get Up, before being taken down a couple of days later.