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I taught my students to stand on both feet, hips square, chests out, and shoulders back.
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Available women have long outnumbered available men in the city but the imbalance has grown worse.

Manhattan is home to 38 percent more women than men among recent college graduates, according to a book by researcher Jon Birger, “Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game.” The percentages of New Yorkers in the prime bar-going ages of 20-34 were about the same in 2015 as they were in 2000 — around 25 percent according to the US census — but because the city’s population increased by more than a half-million during that period, they represent many more people.

Sandwich makers: Expects an engagement ring in exchange for making 300 good sandwiches, which is a super-weird barter-and-trade scenario. [Yelp reviews for adult life experiences] Power-forwards: Less likely you can establish your dominance in the relationship through your preferred method, which is by dunking a basketball in a gymnasium. Breakfast sandwiches: A first date is not a good time to discover the severity of your gluten intolerance.

Comedians: There’s only one star in this show and it ain’t gonna be you, darling. Slow typists: Endless anxiety caused by staring at the ellipses on your i Phone’s messaging app as you await your partner’s response. The self-check-out kiosk at a grocery store: Trying to complete the simplest task together ends up with you looking like a dummy who needs third-party assistance.

[Here’s how much the average single American spends on their dating life] Smartypants: No one likes being lectured by a garment.

Girl next door: You have to break your lease if it doesn’t work out.

published a piece Wednesday titled "Why I Won't Date Hot Women Anymore," profiling such a man: an insufferable private equity executive named David Rochkind.

Even Chinatown’s once-somnolent Doyers Street now has three adjacent booze-friendly places that make the narrow, curving block near-impassable when revelers spill off the sidewalk. Affluent young singles cluster in neighborhoods oversaturated with saloons.

Cross Fit bros: They will keep trying to hit your spare tire with a sledgehammer while you’re trying to change a flat.

Teachers: Walking Petri dishes of elementary school diseases.

They hog the sidewalks with revelers from Iggy’s, Seamstress, Pony Bar, American Trash among other sloshing stations in the blocks near my building. I’ve loved the stuff since I was 16 and flashed a fake ID to get into Dean’s Happy Landing on Deer Park Avenue in North Babylon (the legal drinking age then was 18).

I’ve known and enjoyed every taste of the city’s drinking culture since 1972 — the “swinging singles” Upper East Side scene, Maxwell’s Plum, Studio 54, wine bars and in modern-day restaurants where I spend perhaps too much of my life.