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New York City is bigger and more bustling than ever and the strains on our transportation system are evident to all who live, work, and visit here: Sidewalks are overflowing, subway trains are packed, and our streets are full of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trucks, and taxis.NYC DOT’s is our response to these and other challenges.charts DOT's progress in making streets safer, improving mobility, and maintaining and enhancing infrastructure since 2007.The report reflects on previous strategic and other planning documents produced by DOT, and explains projects, programs, and data analysis that have contributed to a decline in citywide traffic fatalities, faster bus service, improvements in bridge conditions, and creation of new public space.The Guidelines are part of the vision of a more livable and hospitable NYC promoted in Mayor Bloomberg's Design Construction Excellence Initiative.The goal of the Guidelines is to make New York City an even greater place to live, by creating an environment that enables all city residents to incorporate healthy activity into their daily lives.

clearly presents the procedures that govern work of New York City's streets.It is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for promoting higher quality street designs and more efficient project a published by National Association of City Transportation Officials, or NACTO.The report examines the current state of the electric vehicle market and makes recommendations for future activity.provides policies and design guidelines to city agencies, design professionals, private developers and community groups for the improvement of streets and sidewalks throughout the five boroughs.This plan builds upon Sustainable Streets and the Pedestrian Safety Study and Action Plan, and helps satisfy requirements of Local Law 12, signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg in February 2011.