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This second authority said his eyesight was good; also, that the finger nails of his right hand were very long, and “long” for a Chinese might mean longer than any finger nails ever dreamed of in the United States.One statement of THE TIMES correspondent which probably caused skeptical readers to believe Li was born more recently that 1677, was that “many who have seen him recently declare that his facial appearance is no different from that of persons two centuries his junior.” At this remove it’s unlikely anyone will ever know exactly old Li Ching-Yuen was at the time of his death — he may have been remarkably old, possibly even older than the longest confirmed human lifespan of accounts of his passing.

Another account, which in 1928 credited him with 180 living descendants, comprising eleven generations, recorded only fourteen marriages.“I just went over to it to just to turn off the volume, but when I looked at it, I saw that it was this weird long name and it was saying (this person) 'is inviting you to a group chat,'” she explained.Curious to learn what was on her son’s phone, Theoret opened the app and saw it was a video chat group.Cyber security expert Terry Cutler warns parents have to become more aware of what's on their children's mobile devices.“If they don't secure their communications, for example, they set it to public instead of maybe private chat room, then for sure any guest can come in,” he said.By default, the accounts on the apps are public; the user has to turn the settings to private.