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Volunteers had been working harder than possible for two weeks, and this Sabbath was set to be a ... Jun 23 2017 The Foot Washer By Dick Duerksen She hated motorcycles.Aug 24 2017 Impact Your Health Portland – 2017By Dick Duerksen “Healthcare for the poor and suffering is still a cornerstone of Seventh-day Adventist ministry,” says Jenny Jin, coordinator for the second annual free clinic held at Portlan... Even the distant roar of a Harley Hog brought a shiver of distaste.Yet, their best friends are the Primary-age kids in the Children’s Amphitheater at our Gladstone Camp Meeting! Jan 26 2017 The Prayer By Dick Duerksen “There is someone here among us today who needs our personal and group prayers.His name is David and his kidneys are shutting down.

10 Caring for your tree The two most important things are to keep your tree watered and stop it getting too hot. “No good reason,” she said, “I just disliked everything about the biker life and was actually af...May 05 2017 Church Audio Techs Learn to Run Sound as Ministry By Gary Mc Lain Charles, from the Beaverton Adventist Church, called me one day and said “Gary, I have to tell you about Guitarfish’s School of Sound. Apr 28 2017 OC Executive Committee Appoints New Directors and Changes Department Structure On April 27, in a follow-up to the move of Dan Linrud from the position of Assistant to the President to that of Oregon Conference President, the Oregon Conference Exe...Oct 25 2017 Children's Leadership Conference Showcases God's Construction Zone By Dick Duerksen – Photos by Dick Duerksen & Shirley Allen“With the Holy Spirit hovering between us and those we are called to serve, there are NO degrees of separation. Oct 12 2017 A Report from GC Annual Council By Dan Linrud It’s always a blessing to gather with global Adventist leaders and members from around our world church, and Annual Council is one of those times. Sep 22 2017 Protected By Dick Duerksen “Every picture has a story,” they say. the summer is winding down and the school year is upon us!I parked across the street from the new Seaside Church worship center. It is the season in which stores are full of colorful backpacks...The British Christmas Tree Growers Association has a list of sellers on their website (uk).