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Research found reductions in sexual dating violence perpetration and victimization that continued through a four-year follow-up period.

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If you child is on the buddy list of an Internet predator, as soon as your child logs on to Instant Messenger, the predator will be alerted.

Have your child identify IM buddies on his or her list and explain the nature of his or her relationship with each (classmates, sports teammate, etc.).

The images on the right below are emoticons and what ICQ refers to as "smileys." Emoticons Emoticons are symbols used in IMs to communicate an emotion or a message. It is a good idea to become familiar with the symbols, which are easily available on the Internet.

The following are standard emoticons provided by MSN Messenger: Understanding IM Shorthand In order to protect your children from Internet predators and from receiving inappropriate messages, it helps to know the shorthand symbols.

Remember, while you can monitor the family computer's use at home, keep in mind that kids have access to the Internet in a variety of other places - at the homes of friends, at school, at public libraries, etc.

You can protect your child by: If your child engages in inappropriate conversations in chat rooms or in private Instant Message conversations, you may consider changing the preferences in your IM program to discontinue chats when certain words come up.

IM code language allows for quick, precise communication.

For example, rather than typing out the words, Just Kidding! This clipped chat code has facilitated the spread of IM messages from the computer to the cell phone and pager.

Besides offering real-time contact with strangers or others who may seek to harm your child, Instant Messaging allows for the immediate dissemination of significant personal information.A mixture of e-mail and pager, telephone and real-time chat, Instant Messaging has become the preferred form of communication for teens and tweens.Young people often find IM easier than talking face to face.Compare the best online dating websites services using expert ratings and.An online dating site might set up outside events such as mixers or speed dating.Both America Online and MSN Instant Messenger allow for communication over a cell phone that is equipped for IM.