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The oddity in precedence, where a Lieutenant General outranks a Major General whereas a Major would normally outrank a Lieutenant, is caused by the rank of Major General previously having been known as Sergeant Major General, which was in turn subordinate to Lieutenant General.

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Chat ON is a good alternative to Whats App and LINE.In addition to its easy to use interface, it includes a wide range of features, Vo IP, and a personal wall similar to the one we find on social networks.The app will then import your contacts so you can start chatting with the friends that are also on Chat ON.

As for the additional option, Whats App lets you choose a custom background for your written conversations. This live chat software is compatible with all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer & many more. Chat ON is a messaging app developed by Samsung to send free messages to your friends.The app offers a great number of free stickers to use while chatting.However, paid stickers set are also available and can be bought within the app. Like Messenger, Skype can be installed on majority of modern smartphones.And, unlike other messaging apps, it lets you cancel messages sent by mistake.