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Oracle Database users deploying globalized applications have a strong need to store Unicode data in Oracle Databases.

They need a datatype which is guaranteed to be Unicode regardless of the database character set.

Using Globalization support allows the use of various character sets for the character datatypes.

Globalization support lets you process single-byte and multibyte character data and convert between character sets.

The numeric datatypes store positive and negative fixed and floating-point numbers, zero, infinity, and values that are the undefined result of an operation (that is, is "not a number" or NAN).

This section includes the following topics: datatype stores fixed and floating-point numbers.

For single byte character sets, columns defined in character semantics are basically the same as those defined in byte semantics.

Character semantics are useful for defining varying-width multibyte strings; it reduces the complexity when defining the actual length requirements for data storage.

The database's character set is established when you create the database.You can specify a scale and no precision: In this case, the precision is 38, and the specified scale is maintained.When you specify numeric fields, it is a good idea to specify the precision and scale. Table 26-1 shows examples of how data would be stored using different scale factors.For input and output of numbers, the standard Oracle Database default decimal character is a period, as in the number 1234.56.The decimal is the character that separates the integer and decimal parts of a number.You must consider this issue when estimating space for tables with columns that contain character data.