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Organizing college campuses against dating abuse

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The College will inform the complainant if it cannot maintain confidentiality.It is important for a victim to know that certain information concerning details of the offense and the actual investigation of these crimes may be given to other College employees or to outside persons or organizations under contract with the College to investigate the offense.A victim also has the option to decline to notify such authorities.The City of Glendale Police Department will be notified of any dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking investigation that is reported to have occurred on the College campuses.

You may also report the offense to; A victim of dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking has the option to report the offense directly to the College Police direct dial (818) 409-5911 or campus extension 4000 or local area law enforcement (dial 911).For example, the College may inform the accused individual they must stay away from the victim.The College will provide written notification to students and employees about existing counseling, health, mental health, victim advocacy, legal assistance, visa and immigration assistance, student financial aid, and other services available for victims, both within the institution and in the community.If you are a victim of dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, time is also a critical factor for the preservation of evidence that may be helpful for proving the criminal offense occurred or may be helpful in obtaining a protection order.Completing a forensic examination would not require someone to file a police report, however having a forensic examination will help preserve evidence in case you decide at a later date to file a police report.This amendment requires colleges to include the crimes of dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking in their annual security report, provide additional rights, services and information to victims of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, as well as offer primary and ongoing prevention and awareness programming and campaigns.