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A statement denouncing proposed ads was made in 2009 when Ashley Madison attempted to purchase C0,000 worth of advertising from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) on the Toronto streetcar system.

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Dusty R„ rng the children in the Slate Hospital 15, who resided at the ' Blacitfoot South, lhe;la\v3uit says', Idaho lias facility until social workers moved sentenced the minors to unproductive him to the Idaho Youth Hanch; That The'second clal Trecelv^' me nia] — futures wlthout-troinlngorcduca Uon.— p Iacemen Uaiso Jldj)o Lwork..i Lsay3._ health treatment, but not in the least , An order slnied by u.s.Because of the^ensltlve nature of the subject, Goldwater said, he could not disclose -It: • ■ 'But we're all going to be ml^ty iji4hat-we! landslide statewide elections to the Sen, Herman Talmadge, scorned by Rep. ; With Just 2 percent of the vote counted — mbst ol it from mral Rretincts, long Tolmadge's strong- Dld'— the veteran incumbent le d r^wim 47.!ce^gaged4a4hls4iorse— play all afternoon and not' on the Important business of America,"' Goldwatersold. , ^almadgefaces Trunoff election United I^r Ksl Dtema Uooal ■ percentfor Lt. Dawson Mathls was third at ^^^l-d™ hu hem'rf^nnoo H hu Uiesenaieandscriouslychallengedat 16.3 percent and former. -perceni-ot Uie vole 10 IKT .- ■ .-.^ : - - : groatly-embarrassed-by-a-dlvorc- . The fira Tround of Talmadge's f Igtit after which Belly Talmadge sold h^.: for political survival hinged on winn- husband keptlaiieaniotmlsof cash in ingbetterthanhalfthevolc. lesswouldforcohlmlntoarunoffwilli Georgia election officials said the second-place finisher Aug.Judge hiss Sffii Sm Sfol Sffn^'J home for renomlnatlon for the first Norman Underwood was fourth at 19.9 SSSSS/^l^^i S™^^ time in 24 years, app Mredh M_dt:d/ot^^peixoo L. 26 — a voters appeared lo have turned out in polltlca T embar assment Talmad Rc record numbers wlth_many~Re- ■ "has'i Hil liud lo Twfferin-fofir Tjrevfbus — pub Hcansej^aren Uycrossingover: tawsmt^ 0 Continued from page Al The class action lawsuit conteiuls- the Idaho Health and Welfare and Education departments have segre- gated handicapped children Into three classes, with some receiving all the ■Ili;^eclal educatl Q n;nece5sbty '" " H says the children suffer from says, the state deprived the youth of can be treated and Uiey contact with friends: and' family, could become productive citizens if hampering efforts to rdiabllltate him.given proper rehabilltation.-In plac- Also named In the suit U.the'con- cenlratloa: camp survivoir''whcrh(^-workcd- for "35 .^»eais to bring^azh wai^mlhals-tt Ritstice Hw— awarded a special gold medal Tuesday by Presidmt Carter. i VPl) "~A~po Ilcrofncer~ testified Tuesday he found five Ku Ktux. Nazls on trial for murderjn a gun-laden van be , stopped shortly after a shootout at a communist- sponsored "Death lo the Kton" rally. ' , f ■ * Firefighters, battle brushffr^s — SHOSHWE^FWs^MW^WTOngeiiresiililctr blackened an estimated 3,000 acres were reported ■ undercontrollate Tuesdayr No injuries were reported,"Bureau of Uiid Man- agement firefighters said. Idaho Palls and Shoshone BLM— districts bat Ued the blaze. OOO- acre fire located 10 mllr National Convention. The coalition opposed provisions^ that could open the door to oil explora* Uon in the Arctic Wildlife Range, timber cutting In southeast Alaska and lack of wilderness protection In some areas of the state. ' " Durlng-one~vote,~Go Idwater"sald~ that Gravel's roll calls were prevent- -Ing— members-of— the-Senate-JUk.

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Tempera- tures will be a little below normal and condllkms will be unsettled -although there . M«ni*^.5l»(-w«V^ :28-inch-hxlay-iniir:30 lo33 a P^-whlle Jackson Hote,-Wyo:rhad-the — •Ihursday — National AIDuquarqun Allinta OOJIon y_ Chl MQO D«1U« , K»n»»)Cil»- . U Bw O il Mn i • Dcttoll Honolulu ■Housioit-— ~ Indlinipolli ._Oliunomi Cli H. 0 000 in a _ki»no Fans - Lawlaton' Pociialio Salmon Me Call" ■ ■ By United Presa International Today Is Wednesday. Two soldkers flee rock-throwing Cubans Cubans rioted over alleged a^use by federal agents ~ Ti Refugees Triot 111 Indlaiilo\A/n Par ~PORT"IND1ANTOWN~GA1»; (UPI) — Hundreds of rampaging rtthnna militafy |w H«^ ff|lti -bottles Tsiiiasbed windows-and threat-- «aed to bum down a refugee process- ing center- Tuesday In day-long vio- lence q»rked by a weapons take- down."But if we are asked to go beyond that, to keep us' operating 1 woutt Tproba Uy have to raise prt^puty tmes," Taylor said Tuesday. we wi H_ atempt to slow their actton oo that bails," he saldr^We-aie oertabdy-w UUng to workwllh the state board In aw way we can."I (kmn wont to do that, and I won't." Jfelther CSI nor North Idaho College, the fi two Junior colleges, have taxed to the )I their authorlty,-and both ere'exempt- he l T)ercent law limiting tax increases." state board meets next week, and one Wlth TSfwc Mitcu Uiackr CErwould receive' abot4 0,000 less from ihe-state than was appropriated by the Legislature. But we will not sit k and: Iet Uientdk:tat Ajh)-us or take money Ihrn^B Ifwe cia kem tbein ftvun It." • ' ■ ■ He said he would hope for support from i M^ators and two of the nve boanf members who live in Juntor college districts."If we feci like they want to do something else, maybe we'll find out If my thlnkhiglsri^t.'.' Taylor will U-avel to Boise Monday to meet - with education officials. ^iould-appl y a-3 percent red uction-to - outlays, such , as scheduled replacement of equipment.T^lor said he does not expect "any big problem" In completing tte cdlege's new 'vocational building, for which ground was broken recently.confidential because Identification In llie lawsuit seeks a preliminary public would "subject them and their injunction requiring Idaho to provide families to public humliiation.-and education and treatment for the embarrassment." _ children and demands the minors be Jeff D., 17.